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Here are some things we have noticed: Happy tummies with settled digestive systems... which also means, good poops! Yes friends, poops that your humans are not horrified by. This powder supplement is a great option for anyone who isn't good with supplements in tablet or chew form - like Squirt, who will refuse a tablet or chew supplement but happily scoffs this!

– @theworldaccordingtoharris

We know that poor diet can cause very serious consequences. Therefore we decided to try this 100% plat-based supplement, which is for general wellness and gut health - helps with digestion, gut inflammation and energy. We believe in natural products and are always so excited to try them! And the truth is - happy me = happy mama

– @sunny.french

Featured product

The Guddog Everyday Powder Supplement

200g - 40 x 5g servings

Plant Based

Our ingredients

For the health-conscious pup and their human.

100 % Plant Based Ingredients, crafted in the UK. We're all about beautiful, quality ingredients that will give your dog the best chance of feeling WOOFING WONDERFUL.



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